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Home owners show their satisfaction with the quality of Yarra Valley Homes by rebuilding their homes after the Black Saturday bushfire attacks. 

Family owned and operated Yarra Valley Homes has a full service approach when it comes to designing and building a home.  Their excellent customer relations, rapport and high standard of building was shown when a Wondong couple decided to build their Yarra Valley Home that was destroyed in the bushfire.  The original home was built by Yarra  Valley Homes a mere 18 months before the bushfire attack.  The family lost their entire home in the fire but were optimistic that their dream home could be created again by Yarra Valley Homes.

Owners Dolf and Tony were pleased that the majority of their homes that were built in Kinglake, Strathewen, Marysville and Buxton did survive the firestorm including one home that was in the process of being built.

The frame of the home had been completed and ready for inspection when the bushfire hit the area.  The fire hit the block of land destroying two caravans, a pack of decking timber, windows that were stacked and ready to fit and yet causing little damage (virtually none) to the new frame of the home.  The owners were delighted with the strength of the frame and were very pleased to continue building their home incorporating the new regulations and finishing with a home as per the original design.

Country builders, Yarra Valley Homes is experienced in working with bushfire building guidelines and can alter designs and plans according to specific areas bushfire building requirements.  They have developed a sprinkler system to give extra protection which will be incorporated in areas where homeowners require this protection.  They also allow for design modifications to suit differing needs of homeowners.  The company's stong family values and impeccable customer service shine through thier projects ensuring each home is designed and build to perfection and every home owner is ultimately pleased with their new home.

The frame in this photo is located in Buxton. It survived the 7th February bushfire attack partly due to good property management and obviously some good luck was involved as well.

        This photo shows work in progress after  the bushfires.